The secret life of Daniel Radcliffe

The secret life of Daniel RadcliffeThe correspondent of the newspaper The Guardian talked with Daniel Radcliffe and found out the guy has a lot of interesting things.About all talked people: Daniel loves to read, write, where he lives, who lives, what is hidden from fans, what girls likes if he's gay or not gay - full and interesting record. Perhaps a furious Danny fans already know all this - but to us, to ordinary observers, to read it will be very interesting.So, it all started with a discussion about how best to hide from the fans. Daniel have their own exclusive ideas. "I can give advice to actors: if you don't want to take you out on the street that you even looked at - come with six-foot handsome is transsexual. Nobody don't notice you. Especially when you're only 168 cm, I would have gladly played a transvestite, but not just because of the costumes. Although wait, what am I saying? Of course, the outfits! If the script is good, of course - I'm such a role will not only play for the sake of dresses. Although I have found that look good with painted eyes. I'm not gonna be emo so the only way to walk in this form, it is to play a transvestite".This is Daniel explained to the journalist that he wasn't gay. Another refutation of the rumor: Daniel Radcliffe drank beer brewed by monks, on the set of "Harry Potter". "I usually do not drink beer." Instead, Dan is drinking pure whiskey or tequila. "I love tequila is one of those things like Jägermeister, when the drink has a very specific taste".Favorite rumor of Daniel is as follows: "I, like, the living room is a sculpture of myself in the Nude. I don't know what people think about my ego.".

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