Famous tennis player wants a breast reduction

Famous tennis player wants a breast reductionChampion Junior Roland Garros-2008 Romanian Simona Halep is going to reduce your chest. Bust size-six, according to 17-year-old tennis player, is the reason for her bad performance in the current season.The winner of the Junior European championship 2007 in Moscow, champion of the Junior Roland Garros-2008 can not find themselves at senior level. In the current qualification of the Open championship of France on tennis Simona Halep lost to the Russian Victor Dyachenko. The cause of their failures 17-year-old Romanian believes her lush Breasts.The fact that the size of the Breasts Simone envy of even Pamela Anderson, not to mention Serena Williams, whose bust was the largest until the tennis horizon of a young Romanian woman. With the growth of 172.5 cm and a weight of 56 kg Halep has the 6th the size of the Breasts.Fans fill the stands at the matches of a young Romanian woman, as if Safina plays or Sharapova. It would seem that this gift of nature should only be happy, trying to turn it into a lot of zeroes in advertising contracts. But Romanian raves not big money, and big wins. And huge Breasts, in her opinion, interfere to move quickly around the court and inflict shattering blows. In this regard, in a recent interview, Simon said of his longtime desire to reduce the chest."You know what my Breasts look impressive, but I don't think that looks somehow affect the outcome of the match. But the bust is incredibly prevents to move and strike. It was hard for me to decide on surgery, but I can't imagine life without tennis, but with such a big problem. I wanted to have surgery last year. We hope to realize our plans this fall" - quoted 17-year-old tennis player SportsbyBrooks.A native of Constanta started playing tennis at 4 years. At the time, of course, a few could assume that Simone will arise such a juicy problem. But the bust is really very great, and, continues to grow, because the girl is only 17 years old. And Romanian seriously preoccupied by the need to do the surgery. Source: Famous tennis player wants a breast reduction.

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