The downed pedestrian promises to avenge Sukacheva

The downed pedestrian promises to avenge SukachevaInjured in road accident with participation of famous rock singer Garik Sukachev promises to take revenge. Being already in the intensive care unit after surgery, he shouted that as soon as soon buy the car and posshibat "these freaks".Perhaps the hospital downed pedestrian will have to spend a few months.Note that the man before he hit the Sukachev, as it turned out, less than a year ago, was in a similar accident. About the past accident doctors Botkin hospital, where the victim was sent after the unpleasant meeting with the "star" Harley Davidson, he learned from the words of the 37-year-old resident of Khimki. In the early fall of 2008 he also appeared on a hospital cot. And then he was also hit by a motorcycle. However, the injuries were less serious, said "Rosbalt".As a result of yesterday's accident the victim was hospitalized with multiple fractures and a complete dislocation of the right tibia with a fracture of the tibia. According to doctors, the latest injury is very rare in practice, it is widely used and is treated seriously.As for a famous rock musician, Garik Sukachev, also injured in the traffic accident, said that he was "fine". On its official website, the singer posted a note: "thanks for your concern about me. I want to report that I was all right. Your Garik".We will remind that on Wednesday the famous musician has hit 37-year-old man. As written, the Days., Sukachev had an accident in the district of Khimki cemetery. Rocker was headed towards the center of Moscow on Harley-Davidson, however, in 30 metres from a pedestrian crossing was hit by a resident of Khimki, who tried to cross the road.According to the preliminary version of inspectors, the fault of the musician in a traffic accident there. Witnesses also noted that the singer had adhered to the Rules of the road and was driving at a speed not exceeding 60 kilometres per hour. In turn, the familiar Garik Sukachev said that he always drove carefully, gentleman. In addition, the vehicle is not designed for high speeds. As explained restorer of two-wheeled transport, rock musician ran the Harley-Davidson collected in 1937, with engine capacity of 200 cubic centimeters. Source: the Downed pedestrian promises to avenge Sukacheva.

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