Madonna is adopting a second child from the African family

Madonna is adopting a second child from the African familyPop star Madonna arrived in Malawi to begin the procedure of registration papers to adopt a second child from the African country.The singer was seen in the village Czinkota accompanied by 12-year-old daughter Lourdes.Madonna refused to answer the journalists ' questions, but said to come back in Malawi was simply "amazing".In Malawi, Madonna wants to adopt a baby girl mercy James. The child that wants to adopt one singer, having both parents dead, reports the BBC.In 2006, Madonna took from the orphanage in Malawi, David Banda and brought him to Britain. Officially, the adoption was formalized last year.Answering questions from the interview last week, the singer said that "many people - especially our friends from Malawi - believe that David needs a sister or brother from Malawi"."It's what I think," said Madonna.However, the decision of the stars to adopt another child caused not only praise, but also criticism.The leading international organization for the protection of the rights of children Save the Children is asking the singer Madonna to abandon the adoption of another child from Malawi.Organization for the protection of children's rights, whose main office is located in the UK, protested, Recalling that for children left without parents, the best solution would be to bring close relatives or family, originating from the same circle, and dead parents.According to human rights activists, the adoption, which involves going abroad, is "not an option".The Malawi government has been criticized for violating the law prohibiting the adoption of Malawian children by foreigners.Madonna is funding several orphanages in Malawi.The singer gave birth to two children - daughter Lourdes from Carlos Leon and son Rocco, from her husband, British Director guy Ritchie. The divorce of Madonna Ritchie was issued in November of last year. Source: Madonna adopting a second child from the African family.

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