Michael Jackson showed up a secret sister

Michael Jackson showed up a secret sisterPhoto half-sister of Michael Jackson today published a Western tabloid New York Post. Secret sister of the king of pop 24-year-old didn't speak to him Jackson was born from an extramarital affair father Michael.The tabloid claims that didn't speak to him did not support his relationship with his famous brother.- Act father Michael was considered a betrayal, because he loved his mother. Joe never hugged Michael, didn't say she loved him - only beat.Once Michael told me that he saw his father hugging didn't speak to him. Michael was very depressed because he and his brothers never seen his father so soft and loving, - said the publication of the friend of Michael Jackson.About extramarital Affairs Joe Jackson, which came to light didn't speak to him, in his memoirs, "Mother" told the mother of the king of pop Katheri Jackson:Joe worked in show business, he had ample opportunities for fraud. But I believed him, I couldn't imagine that he can destroy everything we have worked together. I didn't believe it until the call of a friend. It happened in 1974."I have something to report," she said.- I don't know if you know this or not... so-and-So and so-and-so is pregnant, they say she is pregnant by Joe.I knew a girl that was discussed. In our house it was first brought one of our friends, then she often came alone. At first she was interested in Jackie. I was murdered. On the one hand, I wanted immediately to apply for a divorce, on the other hand, something in me resisted - I didn't want to go away after all those years that we spent together, although it seemed to me that I can't forgive him for what he did.I was in such a disturbed condition longer than I wanted - as long as seven years. During this time, I've heard rumors of other Affairs Joe. But I still could not decide to file for divorce, although a few times he was close to it.In 1981 I finally decided to file for divorce. The last straw of my patience, was the news that Joe's mother helps her child to buy a house.- You mean nothing to me, " I told him.- You have to leave.To my amazement, Joe refused to leave.- I'm not going anywhere, " he said.- I'm your husband and you my wife, and always will be.My lawyer said I can make restrictive orders for Joe and if he continues to refuse to leave the house, to demand that the police violently removed it.I was caught between two fires. Although I wanted Joe gone, but I didn't want "publicity". To expel him by force means to attract media attention to this story, and I couldn't stand the scandal. So I decided to temporarily continue to live with Joe in different rooms, until my divorce.This time it was the most strange.Sometimes one kind Joe took me into a rage. And another time I talked to him as if nothing happened. I guess deep down I even wanted to forgive him.For me it was almost impossible to continue the conflict. Although sometimes I was angry at himself for the softness, but I believe that people are hurting yourself much more with bated anger than whoever he's fighting.Besides, I adhere to the teachings of Christ about forgiveness. How many times do I need to forgive someone? As much as would have...In the end I got a divorce. But this does not mean that between me and Joe remained still. So already was...". Source: Michael Jackson showed up a secret sister.

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