Jude law beat the woman photographer

Jude law beat the woman photographerHollywood actor Jude law when he emerged from a restaurant in London, attacked the woman-the photographer and hit her.Director Christopher Nolan was invited to one of London's restaurants Jude law together with Leonardo DiCaprio, rapper Jay Z and singer Michelle Williams.After talking with colleagues and dinner, Jude already after midnight walked out of the restaurant. On the street he and other stars were waiting for the crowd of paparazzi. The sudden appearance of people with cameras angered Jude law.Under his hot hand hit 28-year-old Harsha Gopal. In passing, the actor was struck in the head girl. While the girl was holding his head and crossed himself, Jude as if nothing had happened left, reports the Daily Mail."He very suddenly and very painfully hit me in the face. It was really rough - he hit pretty hard, my head still hurts. He did it deliberately. He may not have seen that has a woman, but he should at least apologize," said the victim of harsh.The lawyer Jude law have already commented on the incident. He insists on the randomness of the whole incident and claims that the pictures taken by the paparazzi, which is visible to the anger of the actor, often misleading and not show what was actually: "the Incident last night was a Fluke. When Jude came out of the restaurant, he was blinded by the flash of cameras. He raised his hand to protect his eyes from bright light and accidentally touched someone who was standing very close to him.".

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