From a young rival Susan Boyle lost their nerve

From a young rival Susan Boyle lost their nerveAt ten rival Susan Boyle on the show Britains Got Talent lost their nerve during the performance in the last five semi-finals. The young singer Holly Steele burst into tears right in the air during a performance of the song "Eidelweiss".The judges felt her performance the most daring in the history of the project, however, the viewers, though, and allowed the girl to go to the finals, took her in tears for cheating.Holly Steele in the first round outsmarted the jury came out on stage in a tutu, a thin girl began to bounce around in a clumsy pas in the manner of podstrelennogo of labanca, but in the moment when Simon Cowell raised his hand above the formidable button to sound your "no" from the mouth of Holly escaped such a shrill voice that judges, as if on command, do poraskryvali mouths. Singing the song from the musical "My fair lady", the young contestant was glowing with happiness and was accepted compliments rastroganny members of the jury.Actually, in the semifinals, no one suspected, that the eyes of the girl, who arranged an audition like this neat trick, hail, pour tears, she starts singing. The voice of Holly shivered in the first seconds of the song, and the beginning of the chorus she cried loudly. Mother Nina, who was sitting in the hall, rushed to calm her daughter, the girl came out leading, judge Amanda Holden brought her some water. Despite the rules, Holly Steele allowed to go on stage for the second time and sing back, giving the contestant was named "the most courageous girl in the world".Holly Steele is not the only kid who played in the semi-finals of Britains Got Talent. So, it coincided with a decade of Natalie Enough in the first of five battles for a place in the finals cried, only to learn that the judges at the last minute chose her dance group. Holly was exactly in the same situation: her semi-final was won by 12-year-old break dancer Aidan Davis, and the girl that entered the top three, had to re-pass the judicial draw. However, wittingly or unwittingly applying istriku on stage as the forbidden reception, baby easily got the location of the judges.In the final, which will take place in a few hours, Holly Steele will be appearing against sensationally popular around the world 48-year-old Susan Boyle, 17-year-old idol of starsheklassnic Sean Smith, saxophonist Julian Smith, the Duo's grandfather and granddaughter Two Grand, dance comic Duo Stavros Flatley, dance groups Flawless and Diversity, 12-year-old singer Shahin, Jafargholi and the already mentioned Aidan Davis. And hardly the debutante scene tears will help a second time - all of her opponents are talented and very charming. Source: young rival Susan Boyle lost their nerve.

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