16-year-old hockey player has died on the eve of the draft

16-year-old hockey player has died on the eve of the draftOn the eve of the first ever draft Junior Continental hockey League's 16-year-old hockey player club "polar bears" Vladislav Spiriakos died of pneumonia.Despite the fact that the leaders of the League obsessed medical examination of players, the number of fatalities in our hockey is not reduced.Draft beginners - one of the innovations of the KHL's second season, is absolutely incomprehensible thing, still unknown, will survive if it is in the Russian realities. Besides, after the draft had been suspended, the representatives of the Voskresensky "the Chemist" and Chekhov's "the knight", the first will be to choose Minsk "Dynamo" because it's probably the brightest Russian Junior, 20-year-old defender Chelyabinsk "a Mechel" Mikhail Pashnin (pictured), will travel to Belarus... However, the Dynamo are equal members of the League, so to blame for this kind of injustice we have no right. Although, in principle, with the same success Minsk, the club can choose the strongest North American John Tavares... And I wonder how someone from the representatives of North America would react to a possible career in Khabarovsk "the Cupid"...The main thing is to not repeat the path of his famous countryman-South Ural resident Andrey mezina, who personally received Belarusian citizenship, then played for the national team of this country, and in almost native Magnitogorsk "Metallurgist" was considered a Legionnaire...Happened to Spiraculum, although here it is more about the accident again raises the issue of medicine on the eve of the draft, which, by the way, go out and players who have not reached 17 years of age (Spiryakova would have turned 17 only June 18). Whereas in the NHL, where, in fact, written off the current system draft picks, to get to the draft and, consequently, to sign a "grown-up" contract only 18 years old, if you're Wayne Gretzky. Though the KHL has entered the age requirement - participants must be at least 17 years, for very young players specially created Youth hockey League.The incident with Alexei Cherepanov has forced the Russian hockey leaders to reconsider their attitude to sports medicine, which previously had paid little attention. To monitor the health of players, young and not so, have club doctors, who were able to establish and lost 18-year-old Cherepanov, who had serious heart problems. In the end, conducted a mass health check-up among young players, some of whom, unfortunately, had to stop his career. In particular, prematurely ended the season with a 19-year-old defender of "Spartacus" Dmitry Vishnevsky, and it is not known whether it is necessary after treatment to play hockey.Anomalies were detected and the two adult players. 23-year-old defenseman Dmitry Vorobev, world champion-2008, it was worth it to move from "Frets" in "Salavat Yulaev", was forced for medical reasons to suspend his career, and the Ufa club broke a contract with him.However, after treatment in Switzerland Vorobyov was allowed to return to hockey, and he signed a contract with the Moscow "Dynamo". 28-year-old Igor Emelee, the last club which was Neftekhimik, after heart surgery also received the right to continue his career.The appeal, scheduled for the first day of summer and, coincidentally, the international Day of protection of children should, as planned by the organizers, to radically change the principles of NHL teams. In brief, the clubs have the right to "protect" a few of the best pupils of his youth, and the rest can run across Russia and three neighboring republics represented in the League. Schools also receive some compensation.In addition, depending on the round in which the selected one or another player, governed his first "adult" salary, which may not exceed one and a half million rubles a year.That's just under a tracing-paper" to write off the NHL draft, which has become an integral part of the overseas League, it is still not possible though, because there hockey school is not attributed to any clubs and funded by the parents of the players. In Russia, however, the clubs themselves, and it's written in the rules, maintain their youth that now, it turns out, will work "on the side". If this problem is solved, the draft will really be useful.Curious was the initiative of the KHL to include in the rankings Central scouting Bureau, the League's foreign players, not only from Belarus, Kazakhstan or Latvia, clubs which are presented in the KHL. So, the same "Dinamo-Minsk", which will choose the first one could easily get the rights to canadian John Tavares.18-year-old world champion among youth teams will probably be the first room of the upcoming NHL draft.In the ranking of European stars in the NHL and the KHL, is defenseman Victor Hedman, so that the Swede would be a good choice to go, for example, in "new York islanders" or Novokuznetsk "metallurg"...To ensure that the foreign young "stars" that choice would be real, is the task of the KHL. To begin with something you need, here and included in the list of candidates Tavares associates. Meantime, if anyone from the clubs of the KHL and will choose something solely as a PR-campaign. But Pashnin is a figure very real, people managed to play in the youth world Cup, to receive an invitation from Vyacheslav Bykov to train with the first team ahead of the world Cup in Switzerland, and is considered the strongest national player that has no contract with the KHL club.According to him, neither what club he is not sick, and supports the national team, which hopes someday to play and not just practice in advance.The only question is, where Pashnin in the end will be. Clubs underdogs last season hardly afford the contract of Chelyabinsk and Minsk "Dynamo" priority - players of the national team of Belarus and experienced legionaries. So with high probability we can say that after the player selects in the draft, he will first career exchange. On the whole, some clubs rely on the draft to replenish ready players for next season. It is generally believed that the leaders of the clubs best young hockey players "protected" their "educators" because "catch" in the draft and nothing special...After Pashnin in the list of young Russians are coming 17-year-old centre-forward Artem Tomilin, a graduate of the "Wings of the Soviets" and his age, defender Nikita Zaitsev from MCC "Wings of the Soviets".And the sixth number rating is 17-year-old striker Alexander Gogolev, the son of a famous striker Dmitry Gogolev, who recently retired.A favorite among young Russian goalies is a 18-year-old Ramis Sadikov from capital dush "Rus". All in all, the list of players participating in the draft of the KHL Junior 749 people. Among them - 668 field players and 81 goalkeeper. 558 players represent Russia, 191 performs in Europe and North America. Source: 16-year-old hockey player has died on the eve of the draft.

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