The death of Jackson is considered as `manslaughter`

The death of Jackson is considered as `manslaughter`Police in Los Angeles tend to consider the sudden death of Michael Jackson on June 25 as "manslaughter". A major role in the death of singer this version removes his doctor - Conrad Murray, according to website TMZ, who first announced the death of the "king of pop" from cardiac arrest.Murray did chest compressions Jackson, when the latter became ill. The family of the deceased was of the opinion that there are several "unanswered questions" regarding the actions of Murray in the last hours of the life of the idol of millions. According to TMZ, which cites "numerous" sources in law enforcement bodies, "the evidence indicates that the main cause of Jackson's death was the painkillers strong action of Propofol ("Diprivan"). There is "convincing evidence" that Murray has introduced this drug to the singer.TMZ cites the opinion of doctors who believe that "Propofol is used in hospitals for submersion patients unconscious before surgery. To do this anesthesia is entrusted only to experienced anesthesiologists.The staff of the office of coroner (investigator in cases of violent or sudden death) inflicted on the eve of a visit to the office of the dermatologist Arnold Klein, whose services are used by Jackson. The lawyers of Klein stated that their client is cooperating with the investigation and will issue upon request a medical card and records relating to the singer. The dermatologist recognizes that gave the "king of pop" a sedative, but in moderate doses.There are suspicions that Jackson was taking strong painkillers and sedatives to cope with chronic insomnia and pain. They, presumably, he has developed from numerous injuries and plastic surgery.The results of the first autopsy of Jackson's body has allowed to conclude that the singer's death was not violent. Second autopsy, conducted at the urging of loved ones, little thanks. Waiting for the results of toxicology tests, which should confirm or refute the hypothesis that the cause of cardiac arrest celebrity became an accidental overdose of anesthetics.The official farewell ceremony with Michael Jackson was held in Los Angeles on July 7, but the body of the actor is still not buried, and the cause of death is never named. Initially it was reported that Michael Jackson died June 25 in California at the age of 50 years. The cause of his death was not officially announced. When doctors came to the singer's home, he was not breathing. In a profound coma Michael Jackson was immediately taken to the nearest hospital, but to save his doctors were unable. Source: Jackson's Death is considered as "manslaughter"".

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