The soloist `Tattoo` had surgery on the eye

The soloist `Tattoo` had surgery on the eyeThe soloist of the controversial duet "Tatu" underwent surgery at the clinic of Stanford University. Lena Katina has done laser vision correction.The surgery went quickly and successfully. Arriving at the clinic, Lena immediately appeared in the hands of an experienced surgeon. This operation does not require a long preparation. When the procedure is over, the feeling of the girl was not pleasant: "I Want to close my eyes and not open them!" "she said.Immediately after surgery Lena advised to not open my eyes. "When I open them, begins to sting, to prick, all is bright, but tomorrow everything will be alright," she said. The soloist of the legendary Duo admitted that before the surgery, she had no idea that would be scary. She especially remembered the moment when she ceased to see, while the eyes were open.The doctor warned that the first time Lena will see all things as if through frosted glass - very vague. A week after the operation, the girl cannot swim, take a sauna, enjoy decorative cosmetics.But, despite this, Lena was in good spirits and even winked at the doctor, thanking him.Once the sight of Lena Katina finally recovered from the surgery, "red" half "Tattoo" will start recording new songs for her solo album. Pre-production will take place at one of the studios in Los Angeles.Recall that earlier in the press appeared information that the Duo "Tatu" is falling apart, but, as it turned out, it is not. The girls continue to work as part of a group, but at the same time she will be engaged in solo career. Source: the Soloist Tatu had surgery on the eye.

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