Dima Bilan is preparing for family life

Dima Bilan is preparing for family lifeDima Bilan began preparation for family life and has already acquired for himself and his future wife Lena Kuletskaya a house on the ruble for 1 million euros.The mansion Dima was looking for since November of last year. Singer carefully concealed it, to surprise his bride Lena. Found the house of your dreams Bilan just a couple of weeks ago is a two - storey mansion on the ruble area of about 400 meters and 24 acres of land. The artist plans to build on the territory of the giving pool, sauna and a music Studio.Lena Kuletskaya was the first who saw the acquisition of Dima. "It was our dream," says Dima. - The grounds are large trees plant a vegetable garden. Radishes will be planted!"The singer, who plans to participate in the repair of the house, thinks even make a reality show out of this process, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Recall that in February of this year Bilan on one of his solo concerts gave Lena a wedding ring and asked for her hand in front of the whole auditorium. But with lovers wedding date is still undecided.The people around Bilan told that buying a home for Dima is not only an attempt to arrange their own life, but also a serious investment of their savings in real estate. Supposedly, the crisis is a dangerous thing, money can at any time to depreciate.As you know, Bilan this year was the most successful and highly paid barnstormer. His performance at corporate events and cash the concert is not less than 50 thousand dollars, while the fees of his colleagues in show business fell about 20 thousand dollars. Source: Dima Bilan preparing for family life.

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