In Luxembourg appeared Russian wooden Collider

In Luxembourg appeared Russian wooden ColliderRussian artist Nikolay Polissky and his assistants from the farm "Nikola-Lenivets crafts" opened at the Museum of modern art of Luxembourg installation "Large hadron Collider", entirely made of wood and vines.According to "Kommersant", the project "will work" in Luxembourg until September, and after the exhibition the Museum will remain one of its constituent parts - crusher quarks".Answering the questions of the correspondent of "Kommersant", Polissky so explained his plan: "the Important pathos that scientists here, they dared to such a thing, and no one knows what will happen, whether a breakthrough in the worldview - how did the universe, and maybe will be a chain reaction and all Ginetta, the end of the world... what can you do, we live in the forest, but I want to do something important. We go into the forest and make the Collider is something incredibly pretentious. Well do everything Collider, why can't we?".

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