Edition of `the catcher in the rye-2` prohibited

Edition of `the catcher in the rye-2` prohibitedU.S. Federal court has temporarily suspended the publication of the so-called "continuation" of the book by Jerome Salinger's "catcher in the rye", reports the Associated Press.The author of acclaimed works, called "60 years later", is a Swedish writer Frederic Colting, creative writing under the pseudonym John David California.The reason for this decision of the court is that the judge found "substantial similarity" between Roman J. Salinger and the book of F. Collinge. The judge's opinion, the author did not sufficiently develops the ideas of J. Salinger, not to show his attitude in the author's comments, sarcasm, or parody, and perhaps only tries to put his work behind the facade of the novel "the catcher in the rye, making a profit only because of the Association of his book with the legendary work Dzh.Salinger.This solution is temporary. The court took time for a more detailed introduction to the book of F. Collinge. Most likely, the final verdict will be issued in July."The catcher in the rye" (eng. The Catcher in The Rye, 1951.) one of the most significant works of the twentieth century. It tells of 17-year-old teenager named Holden describes his heightened perception of reality, the General rejection of the canons and to some extent contempt for him. The work was very popular and had a significant impact on world culture. Source: the Publication of "the catcher in the rye-2" is prohibited.

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