Alena Vodonaeva decided on the wedding

Alena Vodonaeva decided on the weddingAlena Vodonaeva decided on the timing of the wedding: the controversial TV host is getting married this summer. Alena began to actively prepare for the marriage ceremony.The exact wedding date is 8 August. The name of her future husband, the star of "House-2" while hiding, we only know that he is a Moscow businessman. Bridesmaid dress is already ordered and sewn to order dressmaker. Portal Days.Roux became known that she had long thought of the way her wedding dress, and now have a reason to bring imagination into reality.The venue of the wedding Banquet is still unknown. Now the bride is considering a variety of options and are even willing to arrange a Banquet not a day of painting, so who liked the place.On the eve of the wedding marathon Alain left for a vacation on the coast of Malaysia. She decided to hide from prying paparazzi who are trying to get the details of her upcoming wedding, and take a breath in "Paradise on earth" - so called this exotic country. Alena managed to take a breath and gather strength for the upcoming activities and events. Source: Alena Vodonaeva decided on the wedding.

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