In the Caravaggio painting found photographic technique

In the Caravaggio painting found photographic techniqueMichelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, Italian painter of the late Renaissance, was used in the prototypes photographic equipment: camera obscura and light-sensitive substances.This was the conclusion reached by the Italian researcher Robert Lapucci (Roberta Lapucci), who told us about his hypothesis of AFP.Lapucci argues that Caravaggio was the first artists used the camera obscura for painting, although a few decades earlier, this device is described in detail by Leonardo da Vinci. According to the researcher, Caravaggio worked with models in a specially equipped "dark room", in which the light penetrated through the ceiling. He projected an image through a lens and mirror on canvas and did a rough sketch of white lead, mixed with phosphorescent powder. Thus, he records the received image and then worked with the sketch.As evidence of Robert Lapucci cites a number of reasons. For example, Caravaggio did not make preliminary drawings and maybe that's because he used the sketches prepared in the camera obscura. In addition, the artist was "abnormally large" number of models left-handed, which can be explained by the same camera obscura, which projected a mirror image. In the later paintings, the number of left-handers decreases that Lapucci explains technological progress.Among friends Caravaggio were scientists who could provide him with the necessary information about the device pinhole camera. For example, none other than optician Giovanni Battista della Porta helped famous for his temper to the artist, killed in 1606 in the fight of a familiar young man, running from Rome to Malta. Lapucci at the same time and explains the origin of the outbursts in Caravaggio: he may have been the victim of toxic chemical compounds containing mercury.The opinion of the Roberta Lapucci shared by renowned British artist David Hockney, back in 2001, wrote in his book "Secret Knowledge" ("Secret knowledge") that the camera obscura was used not only Caravaggio, and Anthony van Dyck, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres.Lapucci insists that her hypothesis does not detract from the genius of Caravaggio, but rather only elevates it. Source: Caravaggio painting found photographic technique.

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