The British Princess was attacked by a robber

The British Princess was attacked by a robberThe attack on the granddaughter of the British Queen Elizabeth II - Princess Eugenia of York - happened in Cambodia. Thanks to the intervention of the protection of Princess robbers attack was successfully repulsed.As it became known, the incident occurred in the city of Phnom Penh, where 19-year-old Princess went on vacation. Eugene along with his girlfriend went for a walk the night streets of the metropolis, when an unidentified attacker tried to snatch the girls purse.According to "Russian news service", immediate response protect the Princess averted serious consequences, while attempting to Rob no one was hurt.The attack in Cambodia was the first case in the last ten years, when the staff of a special unit for the protection of the Royal family were compelled to use force, notes Sky News. Occupying the sixth position in the order of succession to the throne Princess loves to travel the world. During this visit she had already visited Thailand and South Africa.Princess Eugenie is not the only a person of the reigning house, the victim of cyber-fraud in recent times. The other day the crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and his wife Mary because of a bomb threat had to hastily leave the aircraft Scandinavian airlines, which was being prepared for departure to Chicago. The man, the suspect that was threatened by a bomb on the plane, in which were Prince and Princess, detained by the police.Recall that recently the Queen Elizabeth II turned 83 years old - she was born in London in 1926. Apart of this festival among the adherents of the British crown there is another significant day - between the first, second and third Saturday of June in the UK is traditionally celebrated the official birthday of the monarch. Source: the British Princess was attacked by a robber.

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