Venus de Milo found a older sister

Venus de Milo found a older sisterDisputes about when and where born fine art, continued for over a hundred years.Perhaps the discussion will be able to complete a unique find German archeologists who dug up a bone statuette of a female figure, of which at least about 35 thousand years. In Germany the figure is already called "Swabian Venus".Destinationrow figurine made from mammoth ivory, stands out for its remarkable metallizovannogo. Some of the body, such as Breasts and buttocks, is depicted in accordance with the actual picture, when viewed on the arms and legs of the figurine has the impression that they were created by a small child. Head figure has, in the past there was a ring, through which, probably, has passed the leather cord. Most likely the statue was worn as a pendant.According to "Deutsche Welle", "Swabian Venus" found in September last year South of Stuttgart, in the mountain range. The statue found at the entrance to the cave, where once lived a tribe of primitive people. Earlier this area was able to find a lot of jewelry from the tusks of the mammoth, and even the most ancient in the history of mankind musical instrument.The find for a long time was not shown to the public, as archaeologists have discovered split. Within a few months restorers combined fragments "Swabian Venus". However, she still lacks the left shoulder and left hand, archaeologists have so far found none. But all the other parts of the figurines are perfectly preserved.As RIA "Novosti", the new discovery radically changed scientists ' ideas about the early stages of visual arts, pushes him back at least five millennia and transfers from France to southern Germany. Source: Venus de Milo found a older sister.

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