Cinematography parted with Marlena Thank you

Cinematography parted with Marlena Thank youVladimir Malyshev, the rector of the University, in an interview with "Izvestia" reported that the Department of feature films, headed by Marlen Khutsiev, prepares change of leadership, as a famous film Director and opponent Nikita Mikhalkov in the conflict around the Union of cinematographers do not attend school and does not fulfill its obligations."As a man, I'm Marlen Martynovich Khutsiev's respect, but as rector of the state higher education institution is obliged to terminate his contract," explained Malyshev edition.The rector said that his "dropped out of College life for seven months does not appear, does not ring". Since April 2009 he ceases to pay wages. In may hutsieva had not chosen to the academic Council of the Institute of Cinematography, but later brought him back as an honorary member. According to Martynov, congratulations on the new academic Council veteran film didn't answer. Also Hutsiev has not accepted the offer to head the arts Council Director of faculty: "He slowed down - both Yes and no, "you must think""".Main claim Martynov to Hutsieva remains the fact that the Department head does not attend the Institute and Department. "Next year we have accreditation, we have to submit a lot of papers in the Ministry of education, and prepare them just the Department. If we do not, we are for the next five years will not give a license," explained the rector.The rector of state Institute of Cinematography may appoint the head of the Department of game film, but he inclines to the election: "There are Abdrashitov, Maslennikov, Menchov, Teacher, Khotinenko, Shakhnazarov... Let the Department chooses". Source: rsis parted with Marlena Thank you.

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