The king gave Obama necklace

The king gave Obama necklaceDuring his visit to Saudi Arabia, U.S. President Barack Obama gave a Royal gift - a heavy gold locket on a long thick chain. It looks like the order of king Abdul Aziz, which he personally presented to the President of the United States."Oh my God. This is something," that's all he could say was Barack Obama, when the monarch wore a chain on the neck of the President. While the White house, you had to duck his head and was considered by American observers as "very risky move." Before that, during the meeting of the President and the king at the April G20 summit, when the leaders of the two countries exchanged handshakes, Obama is also slightly bent. After this, the enemies of the US President accused him in admiration for the monarch. In the end, the White house was forced to explain that the President made an involuntary movement as Saudi leader shorter.As noted "Вести.Ru" the order of king Abdul Aziz is the highest state award of the Kingdom. It is awarded to foreign leaders for their efforts in strengthening bilateral relations. So, in February 2007, Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz was awarded the order of Vladimir Putin, who at that time was the President of Russia.According to Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, the order is given to only a very small number of friends of the king, and you certainly one of them." Barack Obama, for his part, said that "I regard friendship with the king as a great grace and appreciate that I was given this honor.".

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