Victoria Karaseva spoke

Victoria Karaseva spokeThe star of the project "Dom-2" Victoria Karaseva, which for several weeks in the intensive care unit, spoke at last.The first person spoke Victoria, was her spouse, the participant of the project "Dom-2" Vyacheslav. "Regaining consciousness, tori asked for tea and cake, said Thank. - Previously about the food she didn't even remember, the body is so weakened that she even talk had not the strength. We believe that now she's only gonna get better." But to comply with the request Vicky husband did not dare, because she is afraid that junk food would hurt her. The doctors have a girl on the strictest diet, reports "Rosbalt". "She have the strength to recover. Give her juices, cereals," says Vyacheslav.Recall that the 29-year-old Victoria Karaseva for the past month is in the hospital. The girl had two surgeries in the Institute. Sklifosovsky. Her condition was very bad, it was connected to the ventilator. The position of women was exacerbated by the fact that she needed a blood transfusion is rare, group IV.During the time that tori is in the hospital, visited her almost all participants of the controversial project. The tories were not only seen leading project - Ksenia Sobchak Ksenia Borodina. "Borodin somehow once was interested in the state of the Wiki," said Glory, " but to see her was not going. Yes Vic it is not necessary. Around her there are always people".Days.Roux wrote earlier that the pizza with seafood, I ordered a Tory, was a sharp piece of shell, which cut open her esophagus. The doctors assessed the condition of 50 to 50. Source: Victoria Karaseva spoke.

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