George Clooney brought to light a new girlfriend

George Clooney brought to light a new girlfriendFamous Hollywood actor George Clooney last week was spotted with new love 30 - year-old model Elisabetta Canalis.This is not the first time a couple comes together in the light. They were first spotted in a restaurant in Rome, where George and Elisabetta dined in the company of friends. They behave naturally and without hesitation kissed in front of other visitors, reports E Online.After a few days Clooney and Canalis were seen on the walk. Then a few days the pair held in a luxurious Villa Clooney on lake Como, where fun rides on motorcycles.George Clooney is one of the world's most famous bachelors. He never adhered to any specific preferences in the choice of the object of their courtship.Throughout the whole year, the actor met with a former waitress Sarah Larson, which broke up in 2008. At the beginning of this year, Clooney harbored tender feelings for a girl from Pakistan. 26-year-old Fatima Bhutto, niece of the murdered Benazir Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan, is a well-known journalist and a rising star of Pakistani politics. Fatima was the complete opposite of Sarah. And now under the spell of a seductive George got model Elisabetta Canalis.George Clooney is not the first among the ten most beautiful people in the world by People magazine. He jokingly dubbed a permanent resident of the "Olympus of beauty".Also this year, Clooney was among the ten most highly paid actors in Hollywood. In the period from June 2008 to June 2009 its purse increased by $ 25 million. Source: George Clooney brought to light a new girlfriend.

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