Terrible grief in the family Zemfira

Terrible grief in the family ZemfiraFor a whole month Zemfira cannot recover from bereavement befell her family. Singer disclaims all touring suggestions how tempting they were.According to the testimony of relatives she is experiencing the death of his father, although recent years Talgat Talovic was sick a lot. He had problems with blood vessels, and he was in the hospital. However, his death caught everyone by surprise.Zemfira was very fond of his father, on which she, incidentally, is very similar. Coming concerts in his native Ufa singer always have reserved space for relatives. Talgat Malkovich was on all statements except the last one in 2005, then her father went to hospital with concussion, just before the arrival of Zemfira. Working at his dacha, he stumbled and fell - even then spasms of cerebral vessels, from which he had long suffered, made themselves felt. But that was only the first alarm bell, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".- Zemfira, knowing that the father is in the hospital, first rushed to see him,- tell the Ufa friends star is Rushed to hospital and spent several hours with his father. Was very sorry that he can't be at the concert. During the performance Zemfira pulled out a cell phone and from the stage called her father by giving in to hear her takes the audience.Say, Talgat Malkovich hearing the applause, furtively wiped away the tears. Simple Ufa pensioner who has worked all her life at school as a history teacher, was very proud of his only daughter. When, in 2000, the year Zemfira at home was awarded the national youth award named after S. Babich, Talgat Malkovich first came in Bashkir the White house, and requested from the hands of the Prime Minister government award instead of a daughter, who at the time was on tour. When he first gave an interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda".- We are ordinary people - ordinary pensioners and not the oligarchs any. Nothing daughter could not help. All she has achieved, she has made herself. People often ask me which of all the songs my daughter I like the most, and I always answer: Yes all like, she's my daughter," said Talgat Malkovich, Now Zemfira mother helps... by the Way, for the first honoraries, still not having their own homes in Moscow, parents bought a decent apartment in his native Ufa. She carried them with operating margins of the city in a more prestigious area and even furnish an apartment with new furniture.According to friends and neighbors, Zemfira all parents supported and respected by all his numerous relatives. The funeral Talgat Malkovich has gathered a lot of relatives. Now, almost a month after his burial, the grave in the Northern cemetery is still decorated fresh wreaths. He is buried in the Muslim section of the cemetery and according to the laws of Islam - that is, on the second day after death. The grave has already set a standard monument.However, without photos, but with the Muslim Crescent. By the way, judging by the wide fence, grave, probably designed for two. Said to mom insisted Zemfira Florida Habievna who wants to be buried with her beloved husband.As we found out, Talgat Malkovich was married three times. In his youth he was very handsome: tall, slender, blue-eyed - he enjoyed great success with women. But unfortunately two of the first marriage, all of which he had for his son, failed. And only mother Zemfira he finally found a long-awaited family happiness.But unfortunately, fate was cruel to Talgat Taljavichy. He survived the worst thing for any parent - the death of their children. Both stepbrothers Zemfira died prematurely. One of the brothers of the stars died more than ten years ago, and Talgat Ramazanov almost resigned to the loss. But, the death of her second son, who recently died from diabetes, was the last straw.The heart of the elderly person could not stand in the middle of may, father Zemfira did not. Florida Habievna very worried that Zemfira't make the funeral, but upon learning the tragic news, the singer flew to Ufa on the first flight. But the funeral did the younger son of the late Talgat Malkovich and brother Zemfira Ramil. Source: Terrible grief in the family Zemfira.

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