Prikhodko pursues a sex maniac

Prikhodko pursues a sex maniacAlmost a month Nastia Prikhodko pursues a sex maniac.- In the last two weeks I changed three apartments and five rooms of the phone, " says the artist. He follows me everywhere, everywhere. - Promises to kill, if not together. He started to follow me recently. I even in a nightmare could not imagine that once I was someone to be so tormenting. This sex maniac can call day and night and always wants from me. He said that the most beautiful and that if I'm not with him, he will kill me or or covered in acid.Prikhodko now don't leave home without the two guards.A compulsory measure, - told in the organizing Committee of "Eurovision". - There were precedents, after which it became obvious that Moscow Nastya can't be without protection.Most of all, she is afraid that the moment will come when the protection will not help, says "Life"."I always think that this maniac is waiting for me at home, inside," said Prikhodko. - He still finds me, whatever I made. I don't understand how he does it, but very scared. Source: Prikhodko pursues a sex maniac.

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