Petrosyan will build a Museum in memory of Jan Arlozorov

Petrosyan will build a Museum in memory of Jan ArlozorovSteering the "Notice" Yevgeny Petrosyan, shocked by the death of a friend Jan Arlazarov, intends to build a Museum in memory of a departed friend.- The memory of the great actors-comedians should live forever, - weepingly told LIFE.RU heartbroken Petrosyan. - The material I have collected, it remains only to build the Museum itself. I think there will not be problems. Jan will be the first person to perpetuate this Museum...- For all of us this is a huge loss! - a little calmer, continued Eugene vaganovich. "Yes, sooner or later, people die, but when the funny man is especially bitter. I now have the impression that we lost smile...LossColleagues and viewers remember Jan witty, creative, cheerful and optimistic person and artist with the gift to find a common language with the audience. But in recent months he was frankly nervous, irritable, didn't want to see a single person. According to colleagues, it is played with Arlozorov cruel joke...Famous Russian humorist Ian Arlozorov died in a German clinic at the 62nd year of his life from cancer. Health problems have all your favorite artist began several years ago with the usual pain in the abdomen. However, Yang did not hurry to go to the doctors, all hiding their ailments. Asked the comedian to the clinic only in 2007, when the bear had no strength. The doctors diagnosed Arlozorov serious problems with the gall bladder and pancreas. Cancer was launched so that the two surgery humorist in a German clinic, did not give a positive result. Arlozorov was preparing for a third surgery, but his artist did not wait...FriendsIn recent days the state of our patient deteriorated, said LIFE.RU in the clinic. - He almost never regained consciousness and was constantly on a drip. Not helped even the strongest painkillers. And in the night of Saturday, his heart stopped.Shortly before his death Jan Majorowicz gave a concert in Berlin before the Russian emigrants. As if he had a presentiment of impending death: he worked as if the last time you went on stage.- I was at this concert, he was cheered by the people, so entertaining... Although Ian, believe me, was not amused - said Vladimir Vinokur. - And that he, the Artist. He gave me a bouquet of flowers and said a few phrases in the hall. It was his last concert..."Insugency" that side by side lived with Jan Meierovica half my life, I can't believe what a devoted friend around anymore.- Death is never expected - shares with LIFE.RU Vinokur. - Yes, he was sick for months and everyone knew it, but the day Ian did not, of course, was a tragedy. This time it was painful not only for himself but also for the relatives, others. This is a huge loss... Jan was a great artist! The thinking! One of the few, I would say, the first person to have found such a contact with the audience. In recent months, Jan Majorowicz almost with anybody did not communicate... you can understand Him. To understand as an artist. He wanted to be remembered as cheerful, cheerful, cheerful, as he was before he got sick.- Jan and I last met at "Yurmalina" in 2008. He always was a friend, very sensitive, funny and very touchy - shared with LIFE.RU known umoristi Klara Novikova. - Oddly enough, sort of a humorist, and was very vulnerable. Actually it's terrible when people like Ian leave us. This is a big loss for all of us. We all wanted to help him, but he flatly refused to help. My Director knew him for 20 years, and even with him he didn't want to communicate, closing the house from all over the world. He tried to fight the disease, but could not. I cry... Source: Petrosyan will build a Museum in memory of Jan Arlozorov.

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