Picasso became the most expensive artist in 2008

Picasso became the most expensive artist in 2008Portal ARTinvestment.RU publishes top 10 artists, paintings which brought to auction 2008 greatest profit to its owners. First place was taken by Pablo Picasso: volume sales of his works amounted to $262 million.Picasso walked Francis bacon for just $8 million (all prices are given without regard to the auction house Commission). Three leaders closes Andy Warhol - $236 millionIn total, the artists that entered the top of 2008, brought the owners of the $1.7 billion that Is $100 million less than in 2007, the indicators which, in turn, were 50% higher than the previous year.As noted ARTinvestment.RU this year the top 10 rejuvenated, primarily at the expense of Damien Hirst, which lagged behind the Warhol only $6 million is Another contemporary artist, Gerhard Richter, ranked 7th place. Jeff Koons did not reach the top 10 just $2.8 million - that much he conceded to the closing a list of Yves Klein.1. Pablo Picasso ($262 million);2. Francis bacon ($256 million);3. Andy Warhol ($236 million);4. Damien Hirst ($230 million);5. Claude Monet ($174 million);6. Alberto Giacometti ($132 million);7. Gerhard Richter ($122 million);8. Edgar Degas ($111 million);9. Lucio Fontana ($95 million);10. Yves Klein ($91 million). Source: Picasso became the most expensive artist in 2008.

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