Grand theatre could not survive reconstruction

Grand theatre could not survive reconstructionRecently, the cultural community was startled: the Bolshoi theatre is in danger. Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov, circling the city at the construction site, turned to look at the reconstruction of the main cultural institutions of the country.After several harsh statements ("I don't want to scare anyone, but the decision on strengthening the foundations need to take urgent") it became clear that Big is about to go under the earth, and to keep perishing building on the surface is only capable of city hall. "News" has figured out how and what we need to save the Grand theatre.The attitude of the Moscow authorities for the reconstruction of Large from the outset it was ambiguous. The mayor has repeatedly criticized the chosen method of modernizing theater, and 3 years ago, even demonstratively resigned from the Board of Trustees in disagreement with a Large reconstruction project. However, significantly affect the progress of the work the city was unable: the customer is a Federal Ministry, Federal money, too, a tender to select a contractor won non-Moscow ZAO "Sfproject" (beating the capital of the company). But recently things have changed: in may, President Dmitry Medvedev has set up a special working group on the reconstruction of the theatre under the direction of Deputy head of the administration Alexander Beglov. From Moscow it included Yury Luzhkov and the head of building complex Vladimir resin - such is the "life force".The appearance of the mayor on the site was preceded by a letter from the Vice-President of the Russian Academy of architecture and construction Sciences Vyacheslav Ilyichev, which was responsible for the underground part of the reconstruction project. Signed by ten influential architects, including President of the Academy Alexander Kudryavtsev, academician Vladimir Trevose and former chief architect of the reconstruction of a Large Nikita Sanguinem. General content: Big things are so bad...Arriving on the scene, a high delegation immediately disappeared inside the theater, the journalists did not take with him. After emerging from the cultural subsoil of the mayor "reassured".- I don't want to scare anyone, but we urgently need to work on the step under the normal building Foundation. Today it stands on a large number of temporary supports, and it's kind of dangerous, " he said. - We noted a huge number of violations in construction, very dangerous moments related to the stability of the historical building of the Bolshoi theatre. It is urgent to close the rear of the theatre, which is open air. Also, you need at least a two-fold increase in the capacity of construction organizations who work here.We will remind, two weeks before the mayoral troopers became aware of the fact that contractors are suspended from work - will be attracted by other structures (among three possible participants of the Moscow giant). Although the former General contractor will remain in the project under the guise of "Sfproject subdivision No. 1" - in order not to spend an additional tender. Time and so to spare, the first performance to be held in October 2011. The General Director of theatre Anatoly Iksanov believes it.Theatre stands firmly on the Foundation and is not going to leave the ground, " he said on Thursday, the RIA Novosti news Agency. - Generally strengthening the Foundation from the beginning was one of our main goals. Why it became a sensation, I do not understand...What exactly happens in a Big? For the details "news" turned to a new chief architect (he has held this position since February 2009) of the project of reconstruction of the Bolshoi theatre Yury Stefanchuk.- What is the main difficulty of reconstruction of the Bolshoi theatre?- To turn the theatre into a modern construction is possible only at the expense of underground space to grow him virtually nowhere. Initially, there was a Big basement - now he is. This 6 underground floors more than 20 meters in depth. Underground floors appeared under all existing buildings except the auditorium. Behind Koptevskim lane is called the Khomyakov house is the utility building, which houses the premises of the theatre and rehearsal rooms. The underground part and comes to him. That's a lot - almost a second theatre. Underground will be a modern warehouses for decorations and technical services. There has also been an extension of the theatre through the side facades and rear stage portion. In addition, from the side of the square will be a new underground rehearsal room - also a 5-story building (6th floor technical) of 300 seats.- Is there a threat to the sustainability of the building, talked about the Moscow mayor?- Don't forget that Great - not a modern associated monolith, armature, mesh building, and the house is quite old buildings, built using allocatestring brick and mortar. Not the Parthenon, the word. Naturally, the construction of a new underground part of that building is a complex and responsible work. Under the walls of the existing building were summed up new foundations. The theater now has to be translated from old foundations with new ones. This is a complex manufacturing operation, which is now in the final stage, but about any "bias" or "collapse" of speech can not be.Rear part of theater is, according to the mayor, "outdoor air". It's dangerous?The rear facade is indeed not - and should not be. Through this huge opening set farm, wall, design. Of course, on top of all should be closed - a so-called thermal circuit must be closed to freeze the ground was frozen and didn't uchilsya. Of course, before the cold weather everything will be closed.- Yury Luzhkov during his visit to the construction site of the Bolshoi theatre mentioned on temporary supports and about the "peculiar risk" they pose...- Indeed, the theatre is on temporary piles - but nothing extreme here. Many think that this is some wooden poles that propped banked the building... It's a powerful column, which can be not less than the basic support. They already hold the weight of the building a few months. Why was it made? Under the whole theatre is being constructed reinforced concrete structure, which is a system of walls 20 meters high. At this depth there is a Foundation - concrete slab. Top distribution plate, uniting the old brick walls. Between the two plates is constructed of a monolithic wall - it was she who would eventually become a regular Foundation. Now have to transfer the building of this wall, and piles to clean up. Theatre nobody moves and shifts - just put new walls for old.- How and how soon will it happen?- The wall is almost ready - it is left literally in the gap 20 see Here under pressure (to avoid cracking) will be pumped concrete, which will carefully fill this distance. The only task left to calculate on a computer the procedure for the removal of piles, the load to be distributed smoothly. I want to emphasize that all this is done in the framework of the project - no urgency here.- How justified the change of contractor?- Previous to the contractor, shall we say, not always enough qualified.- The mayor has promised to increase the number of builders from 600 to 2000. This is necessary?- Not hurt.

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