With Alla Pugacheva in trouble

With Alla Pugacheva in troubleAlla Pugacheva was a trouble - she suddenly lost vision. And only known healing method to get rid of corruption helped the diva to recover from eternal blindness.It happened in the distant 1983. The doctors found no explanation, and then Alla appealed for help to the healer. This saved the sight of the singer. The sorceress rolled chicken egg over the body of the patient from head to toe and read the particular conspiracy. Then Pugachev locked at home and strictly forbade her to open the door. According to the conspiracy, no matter how asked-no begged - in any case it was impossible to open.As it turned out, Alla put a spell on her neighbor. "There was one wonderful woman, blessed, in the neighbors. Called the police, three policemen were not able to move her..." - says Alla.She told how on the wall, and was able to come to the door. "And went through the peephole you see how the police her in the Elevator can not cram. Until I immediately realized that I could see!.. So do not believe then in a folk healers!", - quotes memories Pugacheva "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Note that the rumors that Alla Pugacheva is not all right with health, periodically appear in print. The singer complained more than once that he has a heart problem, bad health. So, in 2006, the diva was spotted in an institution for people with problems in the field of endocrinology. According to the staff assigned to Pugachev diabetic Department. Then on the question of the condition of Pugachev answered honestly and admitted that she is not all right. "Yeah, passed there tests. Well, there are problems, " said Alla. - Not twenty years already. The truth couldn't be denied. But this does not mean that I die. For health it is necessary to monitor not just when I feel it, and regularly. For prophylaxis. Here I am". Source: Alla Pugacheva in trouble.

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