The soloist `Chelsea` beat a few people

The soloist `Chelsea` beat a few peopleOver the weekend with the lead singer of the band "Chelsea" Arseny Borodin was an unpleasant incident, because of which he had to have surgery on his nose.The incident happened on the night of 18 to 19 July. "I stopped in one night karaoke clubs literally an hour to meet with a colleague, says Arsenius. The time was about 5 o'clock in the morning, and in 12 hours I was already on tour in the city of Lipetsk".When 20-year-old actor was leaving the club at him without apparent reason snatched a few people. "I was dealt a strong blow to the head, thus disabling me completely," continued the singer. What happened next, Arseniy remembers vaguely. The young man was called "ambulance".Arrived on the scene, doctors took Arseny to the hospital, but a proper inspection was not provided. "I needed an ENT, but the doctor refused inspection of the nose," says Borodin. - They were very rude, perhaps it was unpleasant because I was constantly sick because of the concussion. I had to straighten the nasal cartilage, and, as it turned out later, I still had a broken bone. And the doctors told me to go to the hospital at his residence and gave help where it was written: "a broken nose. Take analgin.The next day after the incident, the singer had to go to a private clinic, where doctors carefully examined the artist and helped him. Arseniy has already written the application in militia. He himself admits that the fight was unfair because he, like any normal person, no one can confront the whole group of people. The singer hopes that investigators will soon find his attackers, but the chances of that are very faint: "the Problem is that I don't remember and don't know these people, but if I find out who it was, they very much regret". Source: Soloist Chelsea beat a few people.

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