In the death of Michael Jackson accused the doctors

In the death of Michael Jackson accused the doctorsPersonal doctors responsible for the death of Michael Jackson. This opinion was expressed by the former Manager of the singer Tarek Ben Amar."Obvious criminal role in all this those doctors who allegedly treated him for many years. They destroyed his face, gave him a lot of drugs to relieve pain", he said."Michael Jackson had insomnia, so he took sleeping pills. He was a real hypochondriac, and we, his friends, even it was difficult to determine whether or not he had some disease, as formed around him a group of medical charlatans who have benefited from this "disease", causing him to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on medicines and vitamins," said Ben Amar.He expressed confidence that the heart attack that led to the death of the singer, was caused by continuous intake of medicines prescribed by doctors."I've never seen Jackson took drugs," said former Manager in response to rumors that the singer's death could have been caused by an overdose of drugs."Michael Jackson was not leading a healthy lifestyle, he never ate right, he couldn't play sports. All this can lead to similar tragic finale of any person caught in such a situation," added Ben Amar. Source: death of Michael Jackson accused the doctors.

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