Daughter Basharova congratulated Newco on March 8

Daughter Basharova congratulated Newco on March 8On the set of the popular TV show "Ice age" 4-year-old beautiful daughter of actor Marat Basharova Amelie congratulated her rival their parents skater Tatiana Navka with International women's day.The girl was left on the ice after the speech, Tatiana on the project, and offered her a bouquet of flowers and congratulated on the occasion.He kissed the baby, Navka almost cried with joy: she had long dreamed to get acquainted with the daughter of the beloved. Marat, looking at what is happening from the podium, moved and clapped his hands. Former same actor's wife Lisa, who was an unexpected guest at the rink, specially went from shooting before the presentation of the grooves, and not waiting for this burning moment.By the way, Lisa Basharova brought the daughter to the shooting of the ice show long before the cry of "Action!". With her mother's ex-wife brought Amelie to the locker room and dressed in a beautiful dress for the filming. She already knew that her daughter would have to congratulate beloved new husband, and that thought Lisa was getting uneasy...Amelie4-year-old daughter Marat Basharova only recently started skating. Inspired skating on the project "Ice age", Marat wanted to send their children to this beautiful sport. And if baby a year ago only attended trainings father and admonished all participants before going on the ice, now the girl already understands the basics of figure skating. However, unlike daughters grooves Sasha, kept on ice Amelie is still a little uncertainly. However, it has not interfered with glitter to make his debut in "Ice age".The scriptAmelie was almost not released on the ice, as long as difficulty walking on skates. Exception she made for grooves, surprising not only the Olympic champion, but also the audience, knowledgeable about the novel as a skater and actor.According to "ice" colleagues grooves and Basharova, the symbolic greeting was conceived by the organizers of the show. Most likely, compassionate Ilya Averbukh wanted to nullify the recent tension between the two families, whose life intervened inexplicable overwhelming feeling... Source: Daughter Basharova congratulated Newco on March 8.

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