In Los Angeles said goodbye to Michael Jackson

In Los Angeles said goodbye to Michael JacksonAt 9:00 am (20:00 Moscow time) decorated with flowers, the coffin with the body of Michael Jackson made from the building of the memorial center and loaded into a hearse.Huge the funeral cortege of black jeeps and Rolls-Royce went into a sports and entertainment complex the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where at 10:00 (21:00 Moscow time) began a public farewell ceremony.Along the road, on the bridge, which drove the machine, the fans stood and welcomed the singer, who was heading to the grave. Authorities in Los Angeles have not blocked the road, but asked drivers to refrain from traveling during this time.Thousands of people gathered at the sports and entertainment complex, Staples Center. Police cordoned off the area around the complex, which, according to Western media, profit singer Madonna, usher, Maraya Carrie and other stars to say goodbye to a great king of pop.The cortege with the body of the singer after a police check drove into the underground part of the sports complex. From there the coffin had to raise the room with fans and colleagues of the singer, however, the organizers warned that due to technical problems, the ceremony is postponed for 30 minutes. During the forced break (11 thousand fans in the twilight staged last applause to Michael Jackson.A farewell ceremony with the king of pop, who died June 25 at the 51st year of life, opened by the famous singer and music producer Smokey Robinson, read fragments of the Epistles of the musician's friends.The first was read a letter of condolences from well-known South African policy - the first black President of South Africa Nelson Mandela: "Michael was a giant and a legend of the music industry. And we mourn him together with millions of fans worldwide. We admired his talent and how he overcame so many times the tragedy of his life. My wife and I, our family, our friends send their condolences in this time of sorrow. Be strong," according to a message policy.Also Robinson read a letter from a close friend of Jackson, singer Diana Ross, whom Michael in his will appointed guardian of their children in the event of a failure or the premature death of his mother, Katherine Jackson.Finally, to the applause of the fans and the accompaniment of the choir performing "Hallelujah", with the words "We Want To See You", brought the coffin with the body of Michael Jackson, decorated with many flowers. This ceremony in America was broadcast simultaneously in 80 theaters."I am proud that I was called Michael Jackson a friend. Michael Jackson was and always will be a part of the family of humankind. So today all of us who love Michael, are here. We are here, where a few days ago was rehearsing Michael Jackson. While we remember the time that you spent with him, he will always be there. Let this difficult time for all of a moment of love and music," said the preacher, a close family friend of Jackson, pastor of Luz Smith. Immediately after his words came on the scene Maraya Carrie, who before the closed coffin of singer performed the song "I'll be their"."I represent millions of people in the world. All my life I loved him, - said the famous American singer Queen Latifah and cried. - We were his. He was ours. It gladdened our eyes, he straightened his hat, raised an eyebrow, froze in the pose. We rejoiced. He gave us everything he had. We miss Michael Jackson. We are the world," he concluded Latifah lyrics Milka Jackson's "We Are The World", written by Lionel Richie. The author of this song after she performed on stage in front of the coffin of the singer.During his speech, the camera showed a room where there were thousands of spectators who came to see the last show of the great king of pop. In the first row sat the brothers the Jacksons. They all put on the right hand white glove is a symbol of Michael Jackson."He studied the greats and became even greater. Our company remembers Michael Jackson. He was our son. Michael was 10 years old when he and his brothers came to my Studio. He sang with such feeling, as if he's a grown man that went through the whole song. You will always live, Michael. I love you," said berry Gordy, the man who released the first disc of Michael Jackson. After his speech, the hall shook from the thunder of applause from the crowd of thousands, and stood up.On the numerous screens began airing cuts from clips of the great singer. In a small movie fit the whole life of the artist. But on this video it was obvious how much did Michael Jackson.Living legend Stevie wonder took the stage and sat down at the piano, "Yes, I did not expect this..." he said, sighing. But I can tell you that I know that God is good. Michael needed the Lord more than we do. Michael, I love you. Peace be with you..." Stevie wonder continued his remarks in a touching song dedicated to Michael Jackson, accompanying himself on the piano. "Michael, don-t go away/ Why didn-t you stay," sang he.The stage continued to climb up the friends and colleagues of Michael Jackson: the legendary basketball player Magic Johnson, Jennifer Kate Hudson, American brilliant guitarist John Mayer, Brooke shields and many others. All the artists after the performances came to the Jackson family and expressed their condolences. Source: Los Angeles said goodbye to Michael Jackson.

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