Found six early works of Shakespeare

Found six early works of ShakespeareDr. John Casson John Casson), independent scholar Shakespeare (William Shakespeare), claims the opening of six early works of the playwright.In his book "Is One who is being chased by a bear" (Enter Pursued by a Bear) Casson, who had spent a survey three years, refers to Shakespeare's works sonnet "Phaeton", the Comedy "Mazedar", "the Tragedy of king Locrine", "Yorkshire tragedy," and the play "Arden Faversham" and "Thomas of Woodstock". However, these works and to the Casson was attributed to Shakespeare, British scientist only proves that they belong to the great playwright, writes Telegraph.According to the researcher, "Phaeton" is his first published poem Shakespeare, and "Mazedar" - first published Comedy. Early same the tragedy of "Arden Faversham" and "the Tragedy of king Locrine" - were printed anonymously in the early 90-ies of the XVI century, Dr. Casson is convinced that Shakespeare could not enter in the literature immediately with such ambitious works as the trilogy of Henry VI: "Writers usually start small," he says.As for personality, hiding under the name William Shakespeare, John Casson agree with the view that it was sir Henry Neville (Henry Neville) - English aristocrat, godson of king Henry VIII. Recall that in another version of Shakespeare was Roger manners, Earl of Rutland (Roger Manners, Earl of Rutland).Presentation of the book by Dr. Casson will be held today in the library of John Rylands (John Rylands Library in Manchester - where you store two early editions of the plays and sonnets of Shakespeare, 1623 and 1609, respectively.And last week in London was presented to the public, presumably, the only lifetime portrait of Shakespeare, painted in 1610, six years before the writer's death. The painting is owned by the British restorer Alec Cobb (Alec Cobbe), in whose family it had been stored since the beginning of the XVIII century. Source: Found six early works of Shakespeare.

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