Keira Knightley refuses to play with Depp

Keira Knightley refuses to play with DeppGood news for fans of Jack Sparrow was the news that johnny Depp, who played the famous pirate, has signed a contract to participate in the continuation of the film "pirates of the Caribbean".But there is bad news. It is that, in all likelihood, keira Knightley will no longer be reincarnated as Elizabeth Swann and the fourth part of the film will probably go without it."It was a huge experience and spent most of my life, but I think I shouldn't do that again. I think it would be better," said the actress in an interview with U.S. magazine OK. But, notwithstanding the foregoing, Kira said to be the first in line for a ticket to this movie. "I'm looking forward to see the next part. Worth a look at the game johnny. I think it will be wonderful!" - Kira exclaims.According to rumors, the film will have a new hero, a long lost brother of captain Jack Sparrow, which, probably, will play British comedian Russell Brand.As wrote earlier Days., keira Knightley in one of his interviews informed the public that the likely box-office success of "Pirates" is directly connected with the name Kira: he doesn't make it a love triangle out of this unequal pairs Depp-bloom, nothing would not be stopped - no adoration public, nor continue. The return of johnny in the picture was another indication of how much wrong awkward artist - apparently, the producers had rightly calculated that without Jack Sparrow other "Pirates" just yet. Another thing is that in the third part of the dashing hero Depp already had all the signs of schizophrenia, I shudder to think what condition the pirate will return to the screen this time. Source: keira Knightley refuses to play with Depp.

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