The contest `Eurovision` will be rich in special effects

The contest `Eurovision` will be rich in special effectsIn the sports complex "Olympic" was the rehearsal, the representative of Russia at "Eurovision-2009" Anastasia Prikhodko.Next to the singer on the stage was the author of the song "Mother" producer Konstantin Meladze and listened carefully as the voice of his client. In the hall at this time was seen by the Chairman of the jury, Philip.After the rehearsal at the press conference the representative of the Russian delegation - producer of the films "Night Watch", "Admiral" and the film "Turkish gambit" Janik Fayziev spoke about the effects that will be used during the performance of Anastasia in the final of "Eurovision". Prikhodko will stand among the huge screens, which will show a closeup of her face. The uniqueness of the rooms is that the 22-year-old singer will gradually aging. By the end of the song the audience will see 70-year-old woman.This video is already filmed and waiting for their time to Shine. The shooting lasted more than 15 hours, and Anastasia have been deposited on the face of the six types of makeup. The aging process, thanks to filigree specialists, is almost invisible. The idea of the video is reminiscent of the film "the curious case of Benjamin Button", where artificially aged the face of the American sex symbol and wife Angelina Jolie Brad pitt. They say the actor was very upset when she saw herself old. Anastasia, on the contrary, I was pleasantly surprised."I liked how I would look in old age," - smiling, said the artist. The old lady turned out so beautiful that Prikhodko decided never to contact plastic surgeons and aging exclusively in a natural way.Delighted at this candor of the Russian delegation, journalists began to ask Anastasia about her outfit in the final. However, this actress has preferred to keep secret, hinting only that will definitely be heels and a beautiful dress. The singer also said he was very satisfied with their rehearsal: "Feeling just fine to stand on this stage! We must live every second. I'm still in euphoria.Konstantin Meladze told a little about the song "Mother": "my First love brought pain... else to go, and how not to mother?". Recall that it is the creation of sounds in two languages - Russian and Ukrainian. "And I,and Nastya tightly linked with these countries. It seemed to me that without the Ukrainian language the song will be less bright. Bilingual it richer," says the producer. Source: Eurovision song Contest will be rich in special effects.

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