Narcisse Pierre left his wife right after the wedding

Narcisse Pierre left his wife right after the weddingWife of Pierre Narcisse still waiting for the wedding night, because right after the wedding the newly-made husband left home.A little over a week ago, Modio Makutu Pierre Narcisse (full name of the artist, approx. Days.Ru) and his mistress Lera officially registered their relationship. Honeymoon couple started a kind: Narcissus in the same evening Packed his things and left.But, as we found out the "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the first night the artist was postponed for a valid reason - Narcissus Pierre was waiting on the set in Turkey. It turns out that the graduate of "factory of stars-2" for about a month working on the set of some movie, the title and plot of which is still carefully tucked.The wife of the singer have become accustomed to the busy work schedule of Narcissus, because of which pair there is very little time to be together. The girl eagerly awaits the return of her husband from a business trip and preparing for the wedding night. "I married an artist who knew what was going on. Forced separation only strengthens the sense that we appreciate every day spent together," says Valerie. She also shared the secret that after returning home the Narcissus are in for a surprise. A Lera refused to disclose, saying it was too personal.Narcisse Pierre and Valerie met four years ago in a nightclub and soon started living together. A year later they had a daughter Christina Carolina. Pierre and Valerie never was of the opinion that the stamp in the passport is of great importance, but they were sure of only one thing: to have the wedding was their duty to their daughter, they finally complied. Despite the persuasions of friends, advised Pierre and ler to get married later, when the crisis is over, the pair went to the registry office on 10 April and celebrated the happy event in the restaurant. Source: Narcisse Pierre left his wife right after the wedding.

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