Died actor Yevgeny Vesnik

Died actor Yevgeny VesnikIn one of the Moscow clinics died a well-known theatre and film actor Yevgeny Vesnik. The other day a famous actor suffered a stroke. Evgeny Yakovlevich was 86 years old.Evgeny felt ill on Tuesday morning. An elderly actor was tormented by headaches. The attacks were so strong that they could not be saved even strong pain killers. Close to noon, the wife of prominent actor insisted to call an ambulance.The doctors immediately insisted on emergency hospitalization. Evgeny Yakovlevich doctors suspected ischemic stroke. However, in the hospital, where he had been an actor, it became clear that the situation of people's artist of the situation is much more serious than anticipated. Evgeny had a stroke, and he needed the extra help.The messenger was immediately taken to the ward and hooked up to machines.For the life of the famous actor-veteran doctors fought for three days. But weakened body of 86-year-old Yevgeny Yakovlevich was unable to overcome severe illnesses. Tonight the legends of Soviet cinema did not.Yevgeny Vesnik one of the favorite actors of the Soviet viewer. On account of the artist 56 films. Among them are such famous works as "Seven old men and a girl", "the adventures of electronics", "the Master and Margarita"... Source: Died actor Yevgeny Vesnik.

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