Former goalkeeper of the national team of Russia was removed from the flight because of alimony

Former goalkeeper of the national team of Russia was removed from the flight because of alimonyFormer goalkeeper of Russian national team Alexander Filimonov by the decision of the police officer was shot Sunday with a flight to Uzbekistan because of the existing debt.As have informed in Management of Federal service of court bailiffs, he was issued a regulation restricting the right to travel abroad in connection with existing debt for alimony in the amount of 707 thousand.Arrived in the morning at Domodedovo international airport is a 35-year-old footballer bailiffs together with the traffic police stopped at the front Desk for the flight to Uzbekistan (now he plays for the team Lokomotiv Tashkent) and showed the resolution.According to the chief of the Khimki district Department UFSSP across Moscow region Galina Kozlova, a few days ago was initiated enforcement proceedings, since the statement of his wife, since 2007, he owed not less than 700 thousand rubles."Knowing that he is in Moscow, we sent him a telegram, but he was invited to the bailiffs and did not show up," said she. "Preliminary calculation of debt continues until - now we have received a copy of the contract from the football club and the amount owed will be subject to changes," she said.According to her, Filimonov as the debtor in the near future will not be able to fly abroad until they fully repay the amount owed. "If he's right in the airport wants to pay, the bailiffs have the receipt and the funds will be deposited in the escrow account. In addition, it may be seized to repay the debt on the mobile phone, ticket and any other property which he would propose, - said Galina Kozlova. - Of course, for many debtors comes as a complete surprise when they are removed from the flight. So, here recently were removed from the flight two sisters, who had the duty of a Bank loan. They were removed from the flight, while their husbands went on vacation without them." According to her, after full repayment of the debt limitation is removed at checkout for 30 days. "Of course, it is a pity people, but what to do - because if you have money for a ticket, but no money for child support to children that it is wrong," - said the representative of the office.From the beginning, Moscow bailiffs issued 727 decisions about restriction of the right to travel outside the Russian Federation in respect 727 the debtors on alimony obligations owed to more than 116 million roubles. Restrictions on leaving the country, according to police officers, is one of the most effective measures - only the beginning of the year due to the limitations of, the debtors have paid more than 17 million rubles, of which 2 million rubles in payments, transfers ITAR-TASS.Alexander Filimonov played in the national team of Russia in 1995 and 1998-2002. Previously, he also played in the squad of FC Spartak Moscow, FC Dynamo Kyiv, but also for the Cypriot team "NEA Salamis". Source: Ex-goalkeeper of the national team of Russia was removed from the flight because of alimony.

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