Artist-invisible stuns the audience

Artist-invisible stuns the audience A consummate artist from China, Liu Bolin, have invented a new art form: it makes people invisible. People become real ghosts thanks to talented artist brushes, they just fade into the background.Model merge with houses, garages, walls, graffiti, phone booths and even with guns.Thus the Chinese artist has done the impossible: he creates not just a stunning picture, it makes people invisible. Liu Bolin was able to show how the urban environment influences human.36-year-old artist sure has found its own niche in art and in society. He thinks he's special - different from the others, he sees the bustle of the city more through art.Talented Chinese adds that he does not fit into the accepted framework of modern society and constantly for his work evinces a silent protest against the persecution of artists. In this he draws his inspiration.Liu Bolin says that people call him a man-the invisible man, but for him it is not a picture, doesn't it conveys the whole story, whatever it was.After school, the artist could not find a suitable job, he had the impression that he is outsider society. Nobody cared to him, he felt unnecessary to the world. Over time, its dependence on the society joined the rebellion against the society and of the installed system.In 2005, Chinese officials closed its Beijing Studio, as the government was against his work. Overall in China began to develop a new and contemporary art and gosudarstvo not only wanted to support him, but on the contrary became overwhelmingly oppress. So many studios and exhibitions have closed."However, from here and my idea was born - to hide from everyone!" says smiling Liu. His work began to perceive only after he graduated from the prestigious Academy of Art in China.Since that time he had many admirers. The artist believes that his work is like thanks to their silent strength, the feeling of protest against the state, ordinary survival and not normal life.Liu said that his job requires him a lot of time and effort, his work takes more than 10 hours. But he likes what he does because his work serves as a reminder to people about the society in which they live, and what this society are important issues. Source: Artist-invisible stuns the audience (photos).

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