The lion Durova made an urgent heart surgery

The lion Durova made an urgent heart surgery77-year-old actor doctors Botkin hospital held an urgent heart surgery.Surgery specialists clinic took right after I got the results of the survey.Diagnostics showed that the situation is so serious that Lev Konstantinovich any second could be a heart attack. In one of the vessels formed plaque which occurred for the perfusion of the myocardial muscle.Immediately after the consultation of the Lion Durov began to prepare for surgery. Fortunately, everything went well. In a blocked artery, surgeons inserted a stent, which is to expand the lumen and thereby to stabilize the bloodstream. Despite all the concerns of physicians the body of the famous actor had surgery.All went well, our whole family kept him fists, says son-in-law of Leo Vladimir Konstantinovich. We hope he will soon recover.In the hospital near the bed of the famous actor constantly on duty, his family: daughter, husband, and son-in-law.The doctors assured us that if there are no complications, after two or three days the murders may have to go home, " says Vladimir. - God grant that it will be fine.AttackRecall, heart attack struck the Lion Durov on Thursday. As told by the son-in-law of actor Vladimir, Lev Konstantinovich two days went with chest pains. About the malaise of the head of the family relatives did not even know sure have preferred them not to bother.Just when suffer no longer had the strength, courageous actor shared his problem with his family, and they called him an ambulance. Source: the lion Durova made an urgent heart surgery.

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