In Russia, published unknown novel by ray Bradbury

In Russia, published unknown novel by ray BradburyA new novel by legendary science fiction writer ray Bradbury "a Graveyard for lunatics" was first published in Russia. This is reported, according to the publishing house "Eksmo".As noted in the publisher, the genre of "Graveyard for lunatics" can be called mystical detective. Along with the novels "Death - it alone" and "let's all kill Constance" this work is included in a kind of mystical trilogy. They are not so much the overall plot as active in all three novels the characters, including the figure of the narrator, to whom Bradbury, according to the publishers, donated part of his authentic biography.The novel is set in Hollywood in 1954. About this time the writer himself as a writer, so he knows the work of this "American dream factory" inside and showed it without the juicy details of sin and without tedious stories about the temple of creativity. Just for other people, making a film, materializing stories, fantasies and dreams.Studio Maximus, described in the novel, looks very much like the famous Paramaunt pictures. The territory of this Studio really is adjacent its rear wall to the cemetery Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where the ashes of many Hollywood stars.In the story, the night of the celebration of Halloween, the main character comes to the cemetery, adjacent to the Studio wall. Pouring rain, and lightning flashes he sees on the wall, staring at her Studio, her former owner, who died 20 years ago. The main character with a strange, but totally Hollywood company have to find a way out of the maze of imaginary and real deaths. Help him to be arrogant Austrian-Chinese film Director with the same monocle, balsamroot mummy of Lenin, isosporosis dude named Jesus Christ and the best animator in the world of dinosaurs.Ray Bradbury was born August 22, 1920. In the midst of the great depression, the Bradbury family moved to Los Angeles. In 1937 he became a member of Los Angeles 'League science fiction writers". University he didn't finish - prevented poverty. Had to start working life newspaper seller. In 1942 Bradbury ceases to sell Newspapers and passes by literature, creating up to 52 stories in a year.At first the income Bradbury was about 250 dollars, while half earned him the constant companion of Margaret McClure (Marguerite McClure). It's her hands was typed first copy of "the Martian Chronicles". She was devoted to this book.Business prospered as grew famous writer. In 1950 the Martian Chronicles, in 1951 published micropost "Fire", which in 1953 grows famous novel "Fahrenheit 451", which, together with "the Martian Chronicles" praised 33-year-old Bradbury all over the world. Source: In Russia, published unknown novel by ray Bradbury.

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