Hottest lesbian ciepielow

Hottest lesbian ciepielowIf a heterosexual actor plays in the movie is gay, and while still kissing a man, then he do not give a pass, constantly asking about "how it was".As for heterosexual Actresses, there seems, on the contrary: the pendulum starts banking to the other side. If you don't kiss a woman on the screen - I believe that life is lived in vain. Every day there are reports that this film will be a lesbian scene.So compiling a list of the hottest lesbian kisses in movies - not such a strange thing. This and engaged one of the leading cineporto, whereby it was found that the first place in this list for kiss Sarah Michelle Gellar (Sarah Michelle Gellar), the stars of the film "Buffy - the Queen of the vampires", with Selma Blair (Selma Blair).32-year-old Gellar and 27-year-old Blair kissed in the 1999 film "Cruel intentions" and created such a furor that their kiss was named one of the best ciepielow in history. In second place in the ranking of on-screen kisses as such, which was compiled a few years ago in a survey of readers was the cowboys of "Brokeback mountain", and Gellar and Blair were fifth. Today, however, in the list of lesbian kissing they are leading.In second place - kiss Neve Campbell and Denise Richards Neve Campbell and Denise Richards) in the movie "Wild things". In third place - the great French actress Catherine Deneuve (Catherine DeneuvРµ), which shared a kiss with Susan Sarandon in the legendary vampire film "Hunger". Source: hottest lesbian ciepielow.

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