`Miss World 2008` arrested as a terrorist

`Miss World 2008` arrested as a terroristLast week, an unpleasant incident occurred at the airport of Cardiff, capital of Wales. Local customs officers, on the night of Thursday to Friday, detained and searched Xenia Sukhinova - holder of the title "Miss Russia and Miss World 2008.In an interview with Wales online Suhinova reported that customs officials in the course of an hour he studied the contents of her bags, as if thought she was a terrorist. According to Ksenia, like it happened the first time, and she doesn't have an explanation for what happened.Ksenia Suhinova, who arrived as a guest of honor at the contest "Miss Wales", held last weekend, said that her bags were no dangerous things.During the inspection, Xenia not told customs officers that she was "Miss World", "Miss Russia", the face of "Eurovision 2009" etc. She only stressed that not done anything wrong and no luck nothing is forbidden.The local Ministry of internal Affairs declined to comment about the incident, saying that customs officers do their job, as usual, choosing randomly arriving passengers for examination.Apparently, a bored customs officers seemed funny in all the details things to watch Russian beauty. Source: "Miss World 2008" detained as a terrorist.

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