Nikolay Rastorguev had a kidney transplant

Nikolay Rastorguev had a kidney transplantThe soloist of group "lube" Nikolay Rastorguev underwent kidney transplantation. The operation was successful. The singer feels well.He has already been transferred to a private room where he can communicate with relatives and friends, but only on the phone, so as to visit the singer's yet - only been a day since the surgery.All the coming performances of the group "lube" postponed to a later date because Nicholas will require a long rehabilitation period, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".As wrote earlier Days., Rastorguev overcomes chronic renal failure. Rastorguev ten years did not go to doctors, coping with sudden back pain folk remedies. He did not used to be treated. However, in 2007 he for the first time in many years, ended up in hospital for a few weeks. The diagnosis led the soloist "lube" and his family in shock: chronic renal failure.According to one version, the kidneys Rastorguev did not withstand the frenzied rhythm of the artist's life, when he all diseases endured on his feet, engaging in self and swallowing painkillers.Physicians periodically connects the singer to the apparatus "artificial kidney", and have long passed their verdict: necessary donor kidney transplantation. Not so long ago the match was mentioned in the press, he will need a kidney transplant, for which he was psychologically prepared.At the time, the singer flatly rejected the plan, when someone close gives a kidney to a loved one. Also Nicholas refused to use his name and connections to accelerate the process of finding a foreign donor. "I don't want the disease to focus. Let my health does not care about the fans. Most importantly - my creativity. And health and I'll take it", he said. Source: Nikolay Rastorguev had a kidney transplant.

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