Mikhalkov begins showing `Burnt by the sun`-2

Mikhalkov begins showing `Burnt by the sun`-2Jurmala is prepared to see images of the new film by Nikita Mikhalkov's "Burnt by the sun-2", the show will be held in Latvia in the framework of the forum "ecology of the spirit".The film is not ready yet, and the official premiere is not necessary to wait until spring. And while the company "trite" begins a series of "poluformatnyh impressions", as outlined this genre Mikhalkov himself, referring to practice in the film industry screenings for the focus groups and the fact that the film is not yet complete. Shown half job will be in the amount of hours."We understand that it can be dangerous, pure sound without, without music and without the final effects. However, we want to check on the different parts of our film, I want to prepare the audience for him," the Director said, adding that with what is happening now in the movie he is more or less clear, but with what is happening in the auditorium - no.However, rolling the fate of the film "12" pleased Mikhalkov, because denied gloomy predictions: he was sure that the spoken drama the story of a dozen men in one room youth will be indifferent, and as a result sixteen-year-old watched her with bated breath."What exactly are you, Nikita Sergeyevich, it is clear with what is happening in the world of cinema?" "asked the journalists. In the film the crisis - both spiritual and professional, said the Director. "People can tell a story, not being able to do that. Not only that - their stories to anyone but them, not interesting. As a result, they produce films of two types: either """ or "just not like other people". But the latter has no relation to the artistic originality".One of the main characters preostentatious press conference was Stalin. In "Burnt by the sun-2" played Maksim Sukhanov, where Mikhalkov was called "the great, without any exaggeration, the actor and the heir to the Russian acting school, and working with him - the subject of his directorial pride. Practiced by some political scientists, journalists and publicists compare Stalin with Hitler, he believes the same awkward, like the comparison of a Soviet soldier-liberator with a soldier of the Wehrmacht. And comment, like, there's nothing - God sees everything.To the question "don't you think that Stalin's crimes against his people commensurate with the Nazi atrocities?" Mikhalkov said: "It's not up to me." And told that while shooting scenes involving Stalin near the cottage in Matveyevskoye young illuminators, "not any old Stalinists", respectfully stood up at the sight of Sukhanov in Stalin's portrait makeup. "How would you explain that? Mentality, maybe.".

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