Mylene Farmer blew up Olympic

Mylene Farmer blew up OlympicFrench diva Mylene Farmer brought an incredible show with the living dead, fountains of lava and pure erotica.Forever young singer with a gentle voice and sado-masochistic outfits blasted Olympic and once again shocked the audience with her candor.The Farmer concert was held in Moscow on 1 July, three days after the speech in St. Petersburg. For the organization of the show it took 200 tons of equipment and, according to rumors, 38 million euros. World tour, dedicated to the release of a new album Point de Suture, the French singer began in may. Before that Mylene was in Moscow only once - in 2000 with the show "Mylenium".Frank Farmer this time exposed to shocking: diva took the stage in costume depicting a flayed human body - blood, muscles, veins, and arteries. Not worse was the hairstyle of the singer, adorned with sepulchral crosses. Orgy happening between the two robotic 10-foot skeletons, kneeling on the stage. In the middle of the show the skeletons began to move, straightened to his full height, and then returned in a submissive position.But live erotic show in French a sinner, glorified, perhaps, all possible vices, there were more than dead and necromancy aesthetics. Short dresses, men's suits and mandatory lacquer coat with bottomtime - it was created favorite couturier Mylene Farmer Jean Paul Gaultier. Huge screen on two sides was surrounded by Windows in the spirit of the red light district, where in each of 30 Windows froze completely naked girl. Fueled hall not only are these nymphs, dancing Farmer, black backing singers in stylized outfits Catholic nuns, but and very candid video. Surprise and a strange chair in the form of a huge rhinoceros beetle, with whom Mylene appeared on stage in the middle of the show.Olympic, despite the relatively high cost of tickets, was filled almost completely. Dance parter went crazy, throwing up on stage at the feet of the Farmer flowers and toys and chanting the words of the most famous songs of pop divas.Encore Mylene Farmer came out in a long white dress in the image of the Greek goddess that is noticeably out of tune with provocative and sexy outfits, in which the singer appeared during the whole concert. But exploding on the scene of the lava fountains were told that the show will end with a new provocation. And suddenly the pedestal in the center of the stage opened, as the earth opens up. It turned out that inside the underworld, burning hell fire, steep stairs, which the French diva and went down, the next wave his raging fans. Source: Mylene Farmer blew up Olympic.

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