Anna Netrebko's getting married

Anna Netrebko's getting marriedThe famous Opera diva Anna Netrebko and Uruguayan baritone Erwin Schrott set the date of the wedding.Anna Netrebko and the father of her son Tiago Arua finally decided to get married. The celebration is scheduled for late August. The celebration will take place in Vienna, where he now lives a family of artists."The ceremony will gather our relatives from Russia and Latin America, therefore, to choose the day and month that would satisfy everyone, we had some trouble," admitted the other day fiancГ© Western edition.Recall that the engagement of Anna and Erwin took place in late 2007 in new York. Even though the birth of my son in September 2008, to formalize the relationship young parents are not in a hurry, on the grounds that at the wedding they did not have time. As you know, after giving birth Netrebko returned to the stage after just three months.The wedding star couple is not planning to stop. Not expected from the newlyweds and honeymoon, according to the newspaper "Trud".By the way, for Anna Netrebko this will be the first marriage, and Erwin Schrott married a second time. From a previous marriage, he has a 10-year-old daughter who sometimes comes to visit her father in Vienna.Anna Netrebko was called the beloved Opera singer Vladimir Putin. She literally fell in love with audiences around the world with their femininity, sense of humor and a love of novelty. The singer moves perfectly on stage, shoots videos on Opera arias and often appears on the covers of glossy magazines.Opera diva admits that she likes to be not just famous Opera singer, but a singer fashion. Therefore, in contrast to the prevailing image of Opera diva Anna doesn't extra pounds, not a huge shapeless robes. In addition, Anna has been repeatedly recognized that likes to dress fashionably and spending time at the disco.It is cool Opera has changed the lives of Russian stars. With her future husband, Erwin Schrott, prima met during the joint work on the Opera "don Giovanni". Source: Anna Netrebko's getting married.

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