Alla Pugacheva became a vegetarian

Alla Pugacheva became a vegetarianNew gastronomic cravings became known during one of the dinners after midnight: she started the tradition of throwing them during the "New wave" in Jurmala.Before Pugachev categorically refused to eat in restaurants hotels and always ordered dinner in the room, and now changed yourself - every day singer holds a "welcome dinner" on the veranda five-star hotels. Here she is VIP. Specially for hotel employees "Baltic beach" daily keep in reserve a great table overlooking the sea. Here are the Jurmala meeting Pugacheva".It is here that Alla Borisovna spent the evening, when Igor Krutoy - her good friend was celebrating a birthday. It was Valery Meladze. The next day at the table Pugacheva was Lera Kudryavtseva and Sergey Lazarev.In the hotel to the star couple arrived close to midnight, right after the live broadcast of the second competitive day of the "New wave". The choice of dishes for the guests of Alla Borisovna has left behind him, says "Life".- Pugacheva categorically refuses meat and steaks, share the restaurant staff. - She's still on the first day made it clear that she better not offer no meat, only seafood. Said became a vegetarian. And other urges. The alcohol selection Alla very picky. They are with Maxim every day drinking white wine, each time a new variety. They Galkin love to experiment in food. Every day she tries new food and drinks. But it will definitely be the seafood and white wine.The other day, for example, star company were treated to fresh salads and hot seafood. For dinner Galkin, a real gentleman, paid personally. The total amount of the bill was 400 dollars. The comedian has become a favorite guest of the restaurant because every time generously rewards your waiter.- Maxim and Alla very nice people, " says personal waiter Alla Borisovna. Every time he gives us a twenty percent tip on the total. Source: Alla Pugacheva became a vegetarian.

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