In South Korea died `ray of sun`

In South Korea died `ray of sun`In one of Seoul hospitals died, the former South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung. Sad news came from the hospital that he was taken on 13 July with pneumonia.The cause of death was a heart attack, which occurred as a complication of the disease.Kim Dae-Jung died at the age of 85 years. It is called one of the most prominent regional politicians. The ex-President became the first leader of South Korea who visited Pyongyang. In 2000 he was awarded the Nobel peace prize for improving relations with the DPRK.The political path of Kim Dae-Jung was officially named "ray of sunshine". He entered politics at the age of 28. In the 70-80 years of the last century, then still a young man fought with authoritarian regimes in South Korea. In 1980, the politician was arrested on charges of organizing anti-government and subversive activities and sentenced to death. However, later the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment, transfer "Вести.Ru".Just two years Dae-Jung was released and went to the USA. Returning home after three years, he led a movement against authoritarianism, and in 1998 was elected President of South Korea. This post he held until 2003. At the time of his coming to power, the country experienced an economic crisis, but the President managed to raise the state with the support of international financial organizations.In 2000, Kim Dae-Jung held the first inter-Korean summit in Pyongyang. Negotiations with North Korea President Kim Jong Il has led to a significant in bilateral relations. In the last years of Kim Dae-Jung was often accused the current President Lee Myung-Bak in "deliberate deterioration of relations between the two Koreas". Source: South Korea died "ray of sun"".

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