Between Petrosyan and Khazanov scandal

Between Petrosyan and Khazanov scandalA scandal erupted in the theater Stage between the artistic Director Gennady Khazanov and humorist of all times and peoples Yevgeny Petrosyan.No laughing matter these days both: one of the masters ahead of time sends another to retire, taking the performance area.Artistic Director Tetra Pop Gennady Khazanov is not the first time accused of being too entrepreneurial. But then, how was the celebrated satirist this time, becomes, in the opinion of colleagues, the boundaries of reason. Yevgeny Petrosyan, who is the theater, not the Studio "Smehopanoramu" considers it his second home, the unprecedented evils Khazanov, who surrendered the temple of culture in rent. Before the spectators lined up the queue in the Variety theatre to the concert Eugene Vaganovich four times a week, and now his name can be seen only at the July posters. Then Petrosyan will take the stage in October. The rest of the time Khazanov satisfied with the events of another kind.This more than relaxing, the operating mode of the great Joker not because of the global financial crisis. It turned out that the theatre cheaper and more efficient to operate when on stage is not Petrosyan and his colleagues, and when the theatre lease for other artists. A few months ago Khazanov decided to give a stage to hire, and career Petrosian, and already successful, to let slide.As shown, to receive the money from the rental is far better than to hope for a box office performers of the troupe.- Now, unfortunately, I have very little performances - shares with LIFE.RU Eugene vaganovich. - I now only plays every few months: one will be during the summer and next autumn. Unfortunately, the Variety theatre, and all thanks to Hasanova, turned into a rolling platform for dramatic performances. Feel sorry for young artists - that they suffer greatly...Until the job is worth, Petrosyan does not lose time in vain and dedicates each day to the family.The other day Eugene vaganovich together with his wife Elena Stepanenko returned from the Mediterranean - it was the first vacation spouse for the last three years. Humorist sincerely hopes that justice will prevail, and he again with renewed vigor will collect the full room in the home theatre. Source: Between the Petrosian and Khazanov scandal.

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