Michael Jackson yearned to live forever

Michael Jackson yearned to live foreverMichael Jackson has repeatedly said that he would like to live forever. But perceived it as an empty phrase. But private chauffeur singer, al Bowman said that Michael was literally obsessed with the idea of cloning yourself.Supposedly, it all started with the fact that the singer has read about the experiments with the cloning of the sheep Dolly, and then began to look for information on this topic go to conferences and to think seriously on the issue of replicating themselves after death.Once Michael with his close friend, the illusionist URI Geller went to a meeting of the sect, the Raelians Raelian. This sect differs from the others in that its adherents believe that the soul dies with the body, and the only way to receive eternal life is cloning.After the conference, in the car, the singer was quickened, laughed, then grabbed with both hands his companion and said, " I really want to do this, URI, why would I not worth it!As the driver told the press about his work with Hollywood stars, I worked a lot with anyone, and each of them was looking for myself in any sect. Michael was no exception. They were all amazing people, but showed an amazing stupidity and believe any nonsense if it was something close to their worldview.It is unknown how far the hobby of Jackson questionable science, but perhaps its cells are waiting in the wings in some laboratory. And maybe after some time we learn that the singer still cloned. Source: Michael Jackson yearned to live forever.

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